Reflective badge „rue“

rue logo: Vaidilutė Grušeckaitė

oreflector design: Martynas Kazimierėnas

designed: 1968 / 2018

partners: Маrch design studio, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Lithuanian Council for Culture

format: interpretation

design field: product design

photographs: Tadas Baginskas (London, 1968)

A blossoming rue, an ornamental plant that’s symbolically significant to Lithuanians, brings together Lithuanian culture, design and a story from the 1960s 

to the London Book Fair 2018! This is a special souvenir designed in partnership with the Lithuanian Culture Institute, Маrch design studio and Lithuanian Council for Culture.

In August 1968, a pavilion that showcased the achievements of Soviet Lithuania in the fields of culture, art, science and industry was presented at the Earls Court exhibition centre in London.

Although it was one of the USSR’s propaganda-infused events in the West at the height of the Cold War, that year it had a special focus for the Baltic countries and within this context Lithuanian artistic and industrial products displayed many signs of modern national culture.

Young architect Tadas Baginskas developed a pavilion concept that combined Lithuanian ethnic symbolism with minimalist pro-Western design solutions. Antanas Kazakauskas designed a graphically bold catalogue with the Lithuanian pavilion logo of a rue branch, created by Vaidilutė Grušeckaitė.

Reflective badge „rue“