One of our goals is to (re)create the “archive” of Lithuanian design history, compiled not from material objects, but rather from stories and recollections by documenting the interviews with prominent personalities of the 1960s and 1970s - architects and designers who were in those times called artists-constructors.

Having started the project in 2016, for our research focus we have chosen the period of the 1960s as for various reasons it was particularly important to the development of Lithuanian design. The turn of 1950s and 1960s saw the establishment of new design institutions, the introduction of specialized studies, design exhibitions, and the emergence of ideas for modernizing objects and environments.

Since 2016 we have already filmed 10 studio interviews the most prominent personalities of 1960s and 1970s design world - creators, architects, designers, heads of experimental offices and establishments, by discussing the founding of the Vilnius Academy of Arts Department of Design, its lecturers, students, general atmosphere, events and objects that contributed to creating and shaping the history of Lithuanian design, and by recollecting 1950s and 1960s as well as the two following decades.

  • Tadas Baginskas, architect, designer
  • Algimantas Bielskis, designer
  • Eugenijus Gūzas, architect, designer
  • Albinas Purys, architect, designer
  • Kęstutis Ramonas, artist and designer
  • Algis Šarka, designer
  • Algimantas Nasvytis, architect, designer
  • Konstantinas Jakovlevas Mateckis, architect, designer
  • Kazimieras Simanonis, artist and designer
  • Brigita Adomonienė, architect, designer


The project is carried out by the in collaboration with the Vilnius Academy of Arts and Lithuanian Central State Archives.

The project is partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Kęstutis Ramonas (g. 1936)
painter, designer, graduate of Design department of Vilnius Academy of Arts (1965)
Algimantas Bielskis (g. 1932)
longevous lecturer at Design deprtment of Vilnius Academy of Arts, first certified specialist of industrial design
Eugenijus Gūzas (g. 1939)
architect, designer at furniture construction bureau
Petras Šarka (g. 1937)
designer, graduate of Design department of Vilnius Academy of Arts (1965)
Tadas Baginskas (g.1936)
architect, designer, longevous chief of department of design at Vilnius Academy of Arts
Algimantas Nasvytis (g. 1928)
architect, designer of furniture
Konstantinas Jakovlevas Mateckis (g. 1929)
architect, between 1968 - 1986 worked in the Institute of Technical Aesthetics
Kazimieras Simanonis (g. 1937)
jeweler, first student and graduate from Lithuania in Tallinn Institute of Arts (1965)
Brigita Adomonienė (g. 1931)
architect, designer at furniture construction bureau
Albinas Purys (g. 1932)
architect, designer, longevous lecturer of Vilnius Academy of Arts